[Updated 2016]

Tunisia is a great value this year for travelers with Euros in their pockets. It’s a short hop from the content and it’s an adventure. Hence, we’ve added it to our Top 10 Value Destinations for Euro Travelers for 2016. Don’t wait!

Why you should add Tunisia to your Indie/RTW trip

If you get to Tunisia and it looks familiar, now you’ll know why. Tunisia has more claims to fame than Paris Hilton.

  • The Romans set up shop here early in the conquest of their empire, and the southern section in the Sahara desert was used as the set of the scenes of Tatooine in Star Wars.
  • Sticking off the tip of the continent toward Italy and Greece, Tunisia has been involved in many a historical event and now populates the pages of our great works of fiction.
  • The archaeological sites dotting the country are top notch.
  • Transforming from sand dunes to tropics in just a few hundred miles, touring Tunisia is like traveling in a mini world of your own.
  • If you do come for the beaches, expect similarly beautiful beaches and waters to Italy and Greece for a fraction of the price.

Indie travel tips for Tunisia

  • Tunisia’s beaches get a lot of attention, but the desert has just as many fun things to do.
  • Check out the laid back capital city of Tunis.
  • The town of Douz, formed around an oasis on the edge of the desert, is known as the gateway to the Sahara and is the starting point for an expedition into the bright sand whether you’re riding camels or ATV’s.
  • The city of Carthage was famously attacked and sacked by the Romans, a famous ancient conquest, and today parts of the city are preserved as a monument to that event.
  • Kairouan is an important Islamic pilgrimage site.


Flights to Tunisia are easy to find and cheaper than one might expect. Most flights land at the Carthage International Airport which is near the city of Tunis, although flights to Monastir Airport are closer to most of the destinations that travelers find themselves in on vacations.


Tunisia’s has a thriving hospitality industry in its cities and a thriving tourism scene with beach resorts and overnight treks through the desert taking care of every traveler. Finding a nice hotel in Tunisia is no problem, just book one of the many four and five star hotels that you can find in any of the cities. If you’re looking for cheaper lodging, there are many hostels and budget hotels in Tunisia.