Updated 2016

Unlike several of its neighbor countries, Zimbabwe has not been able to pull itself out of the political turmoil and violence that has plagued much of the southern portion of Africa for so long. Civil unrest and a lack of supplies, including food and gasoline, has made Zimbabwe a very difficult country to visit.

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What to do

The famous Victoria Falls land on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia and are still open for travelers despite the volatile situation in Zimbabwe. When the country becomes safer to visit, you'll want to see Great Zimbabwe, the remnants of an ancient city built out of stone and now the site of an archaeological dig.

The man-made dam at Kariba lets travelers view animals in the wild. No borders, fences or barriers separate you from the animals.

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Getting there

Available flights to Zimbabwe allow for a choice between two different carriers. Air Zimbabwe flys directly from London and a few other European airports, Air South Africa will get you from Europe to Johannesburg and from their you'll be connected to Harare International Airport in Zimbabwe.

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Where to stay

Because of the violence and lack of resources in the country, travel to Zimbabwe is only recommended as part of an official tour or group. International hotel chains such as the Holiday Inn or the Crown resorts are generally safe and available, as are hostels for independent travelers, but situations change rapidly.

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