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BootsnAll Acquires AirTreks

BootsnAll, the one-stop shop for long-term travel, announced today that they have acquired AirTreks, “the worldwide leader in complex multi-stop international journeys.”

“We’re stoked to combine the world’s best complex airfare company, AirTreks, with perhaps the world best english language long-term travel community and resource, BootsnAll,” says CEO of BootsnAll Sean Keener.


BootsnAll’s Long-Term Planning software, Indie, released in January of 2013 has already helped over 100,000 travelers plan a long-term trip.  Since 1997, AirTreks has helped over 500,000 travelers do complex multi-stop trips.  The combination of AirTreks and BootsnAll could be the 1st stop of aspiring and experienced long-term, savvy travelers.

“Our friends at Priceline, Expedia, and Orbitz have ignored the long-term traveler since…well, forever.  We continue to see an awesome opportunity to connect with the long-term and complex multi-stop community.” BootsnAll and AirTreks CEO Sean Keener says.

Keener continues below, sharing part of BootsnAll’s Blue Ocean Strategy (Long-Term traveler is an uncontested marketplace).

“Let them fight each other over hotel room nights. We’ll focus our relationships on folks wanting to do the unusual, and we’ll continue to build trust with the long-term traveler. Quality over quantity.”

The Real Why

BootsnAll is a purpose driven company (versus a profit driven company). Combining with AirTreks makes us stronger in our ability to deliver on that purpose.

What is BootsnAll’s Purpose?

Help folks understand themselves and others by leaving home to experience the world firsthand. (See Indie Travel Manifesto for more)

Another way to say it is to get folks to consider a boots on the ground education versus a just a regular old classroom education.

Sean Keener will take over as CEO of AirTreks and will remain CEO of BootsnAll. Much like Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Square did recently (being CEO of 2 companies) – except Keener is shorter, older, balder, less good looking and not as smart as Dorsey.

The companies will continue to operate separately.

Contact Information on BootsnAll/AirTreks Acquisition
Name: Sean E Keener
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