Surfing Spots in Capetown

Aside from its natural beauty made by many great attractions, Cape Town is also known for beautiful, wide and sandy beaches – most of which are seen in the western part of Cape Town. Many tourists go to Cape Town city just to enjoy the sun and sand especially during December to February which is the summer months in the city.

South African beaches were the first beaches outside Europe to have blue flag beaches, signifying that they have a high water quality level, safety, cleanliness and facilities. In Cape Town alone, there are three blue flag beaches: Clifton Beach, Bikini Beach and Mnandi Beach. There are a lot of beach sites that guests of Cape Town could choose from, and one just have to research about them before going for a Cape Town escapade.

Since Cape Town has many beautiful beaches, extreme water sports are also the best activity that visitors could do while in the city. Considered having the best surfing spots in South Africa, Cape Town is boasting 40 surf breaks within just an hour of driving. Muizenberg is the beach that beginners go to while Glen Beach and Lladudno are the most popular ones for most people who loves surfing. Jeffrey’s Bay which can be located at Garden Route is famous because of its perfect waves.

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Surfing Spots in North of Cape Town on the West Coast



  • Table View

Named after the famous Table Mountain from which one could see its views, Table View has the best location one could ever have while surfing in the raging waves of the sea. Many people go to Table View as an alternative to Blouberg which is always crowded.

  • Blouberg

A beach that is situated between Table View Beach and Big Bay, Blouberg is the preferred place for some photographers when capturing the beauty of Table Mountain. When it is windy, this famous surfing spot is often dominated by surfers doing different kinds of surfing tricks and aerobatic skills.

  • Big Bay

It is a pleasant little beach where one can see a good view of the Rodden Island and the Table Mountain. It has two rocky points extended out in the sea which creates a small bay for water sports enthusiast doing surfing, swimming and other water sports. Calm days are the perfect days to visit Big Bay Beach.

  • Derde Steen

It is a little beach that could serve enormous waves perfect for surfing especially for those who are just starters. It works best for light North Easter to handle the wave rides in Derde Steen.

  • Milnerton

Surfing in Milnerton requires one to have the guts and tolerate to cold water. The beach has a very cold temperature of water and having a surfing suit is a must. Milnerton is the surf spot that can be found just near the Cape Town city.

Surfing Spots South of Cape Town on the Western Seaboard



  • Misty Cliffs

A place located to some residential point areas near the beach. Misty Cliffs is one of those sandy beaches in Cape Town with some rocks. Waves produced are of high quality and the wind is perfect because it is of side-shore.

  • Crayfish Factory

Winds coming from Crayfish Factory work best north-west and hold a really huge rate of waves. One of the most popular surfing spots in Cape Town; Crayfish Factory is where big, fast and powerful line surf sailing happens.

  • Kommetjie

For most surfers in the world, they view Cape Peninsula as one of the best provider of surfing waves in the whole world. Kommentjie beach is one of the beaches near False Bay which is located in Cape Peninsula. Its waves are faster and higher compared to False Bay’s that is why many surfers go here to experience a more thrilling surfing adventure of their lives.

  • Sandy Bay

Just beside Kommetjie, Sandy Bay is the best spot for surfers who do not want an over populated surfing spot because it is almost inaccessible and hidden. Was known to be a nudist beach, it is where surfers use their boards to help in discouraging people from swimming into the beach while they are surfing.

  • Llandudno

It is a cold water spot in Cape Town. One of the most popular surf spot in the city, the beach is crowded almost most of the time. Swimming is rarely encouraged due to cold water and rough seas. Winds blow south easterly and sometimes it is quite hard to drop in.

  • Noordhoek

A beach where hardcore wave sailing is possible and enjoyed by extreme water sports lovers. Located at the south of Summerstrand just a few miles from Port Elizabeth, Noordhoek waves are known to best work in winds going south-west.


Surfing Spots South of Cape Town at Muizenberg and Surrounding Area


  • Muizenberg

A place that is best for south west winds. Muizenberg is located south of Cape Town, near False Bay and Sunrise Beach. Water is warm in this beach and is great for jumping, swimming and surfing. With the waves breaking in quite far out and not as big as compared to other beaches, over-all, the conditions here are side-on starboard wave tack sailing.

  • Scarborough

About 2km south of Misty Cliffs, Scarborough is said to be a rocky point break in Scarborough’s town. Most of the time, the waves in this particular beach peels left thus making it one of the most popular surf spot in Cape Town. It has either a South East or North West wind creating big waves.

  • Kalk Bay

One of the best and awesome beaches that create a perfect reef break, Kalk Bay became one of the popular destinations of surfers who are used to working with North West winds and Southerly winds. When these two winds meet, it can create enormous waves that could make your surfing adventure one of the best ones!

  • Cemetries

A preferred alternative to Muizenberg during peak season, Cemeteries creates bigger waves that will turn your surfing experience as what you expect it to be: extreme and an adventure! Although these big waves are calm and slower ones, Cemeteries could still give surfer fun times while doing water sports.

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Photos by: KelvinGStorie,  ZA PhotosbrianMKA