Author: Cristina Puscas

Ten Best Beaches in Europe You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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Europe boasts not only some of the most beautiful (and old) cities and incredibly mysterious castles but also very beautiful beaches.

The Mediterranean Sea coast is popular among tourists all over the world but it doesn’t mean the other coasts don’t offer equally beautiful beaches.

The Black Sea coast is quite popular among those exploring Eastern Europe while the Baltic Sea coast is both beautiful and interesting.

1 – Paradise Beach, Mykonos, Greece

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

It is one of the best party beaches in the world, with a youth-like everything-goes atmosphere. The beach is famous for the popular (and crowded) bars and nightclubs which attract party goers during the entire season. The atmosphere is laid back and the prices are affordable.

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2 – Caños de Meca, Spain

Canos de Meca

Located on Costa de la Luz, the beach has become a really hip hangout for those who want to chill out in the sun. There’s an incredible restaurant right on the beach front which after several mojitos turns into a real night club with party goers spilling (and dancing) right on the beach.

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3 – Playa Cavallet, Ibiza

Playa Cavallet, Ibiza

Located just a 10-minute drive from Ibiza Town, you can find Playa Cavallet, one of the official nude beaches in Ibiza. It is about 1.1 km long and offers facilities including restaurants and bars. The beach is known for its beauty but also as a place where the celebrities hang out, thanks to the incredible beach bars located here.

The beach gets really crowded in the summer when you cannot even find a parking spot. It’s also easily reached by bus or bicycle.

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4 – Biarritz Beach, France

Biarritz Beach

Once overshadowed by the other popular beaches on the French Riviera, Biarritz Beach is famous for the surf festival, which takes place here every summer. And it’s also starting to emerge as one of the best beaches on the French Riviera. The former royal palace built by Napoleon III for his wife Empress Eugenia is now Hotel Du Palair, a trendy and lavish place to stay.

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5 – Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia, Greece

Myrtos Beach

There are many beautiful beaches on the island of Kefalonia, but Myrtos Beach is by far the trademark of the island. Considered one of the most beaches in the Ionian Islands, Myrtos is filled with tourists every single summer. It’s also one of the most photographed beaches in Greece. Before going on the beach, make sure to catch a glimpse of the area from the high ground.

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6 – Terracina Beach, Italy

Terracini Beach

In the sleepy town of Terracina we can find a real Mediterranean jewel: Terracina Beach. Popular with Italian day-trippers, this 5-km long beach is very crowded during the high season so you should avoid this place during July and August if you aren’t into that scene. Thankfully it’s not a tourist trap at all: the atmosphere is real and the prices are decent as well.

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7 – Pissouri Beach, Cyprus

Pissouri Beach

This lovely beach is located in the village of Pissouri. If you are looking to escape the crowds, plan to visit the beach during the weekdays when it’s rarely crowded. The setting is just stunning and the beach is incredible as well. If you want to dive you can do it here. And you can also practice many other water sports.

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8 – Brela Beach, Croatia

Brela Beach

Brela Beach is one of the best romantic beaches in Croatia. This is a pebbled beach but the surroundings make it magnificent. The place is quite remote and cannot be accessed easily (some hiking experience is advised). A simple and fast way to get here though is by motor boat from Brela village.

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9 – Sunny Beach, Bulgaria

Sunny Beach

Bulgaria has rapidly started to create a reputation as a cheap vacation destination in Eastern Europe. The resorts on the Black Sea Coast are getting more crowded every summer. One of the best beaches in the area is Sunny Beach. To avoid the crowds, plan to visit during late August or even early September.

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10 – Sopot, Poland

Sopot Beach

For many Poland and beach don’t go together…but there’s a beach in the town of Sopot which never gets crowded, even during the summer! Sopot is Poland’s trendiest beach resort, where the hippest locals party all night long.

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