Updated 2016

Start with the Bangladesh Travel Facts

The area that now makes up Bangladesh is home to one of the oldest civilizations and most established cultures on the planet. Recently, however, Bangladesh has had some bad luck. After it’s successful secession from Pakistan, Bangladesh became one of the poorest and most overpopulated countries in the world. Economic output has not been enough to support the civilization and global warming has caused weather patterns and the seasonal monsoons to become more extreme. Now, the government is disintegrating under accusations of rigging and corruption over the upcoming elections. Travel here before it’s too late to see what Bangladesh once was.

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What to do

Bangladesh has one of the world’s oldest cultures. Dhaka City, the capital, has many ancient sites to see including the Mainimiti ruins, an ancient monument to Buddhist thought and culture, and an unfinished fort just outside the city limits of Dhaka that was started in the 17th century.

Getting there

The International airport code for Zia airport is DAC, but you’ll need to get a visa to enter the country, no matter where you’ve got citizenship or are flying in from, in order to get in to Bangladesh. You may find that it’s cheaper to get tickets to India, and then come on a short-hop flight to Bangladesh, but this isn’t always best. Bus routes are open through India, although the border policies change from time to time.

Where to stay

Bangladesh has one of the poorest populations in the world, but a full range of lodging can be found, from ultra-cheap hotels to five star, name brand resorts. Hostel accommodation is easiest to come by in Dhaka.