Updated 2016

A little island off the coast of Malaysia near the border of Thailand, Penang is one of those mainstream resort destinations. It does however have good culture, especially in the main city of Georgetown.

This city is popular with expats and digital nomads due to it's convenient location. Flights to Kuala Lumpur are cheap and multiple times daily, which makes it a handy place to juggle an international business from. There are many lodging options at every budget level, from very basic hostels to luxury apartments to rent by the month or longer.

Penang, in spite of being right on the ocean, is not a beach destination. The beaches here are small and poor quality compared to elsewhere in the region. The food, however is fantastic, with inexpensive hawker markets serving up local delicacies almost around the clock.

There are lots of reasons to stay longer in Penang. It is one of the more progressive regions of the Muslim country, and one that is particularly suited to western travelers. The public transportation system is great. The culture and people are lovely. And of course there's the famous Penang curry. You haven't had the real thing if you haven't had it here.