Updated 2016

  • Taipei was a completely different city just 25 years ago. It was congested and dirty. Now there are world class buildings everywhere and parks seemingly around every corner. Get out and simply wander to see what Taipei has to offer.
  • If you like hiking and the outdoors, head to Yangmingshan National Park.
  • Head to the Shilin Night Market for a cheap, authentic meal.

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Why you should add Taipei to your RTW travel list

  • Feel the excitement of a busy Asian city that doesn't like to spell in English
  • A fast-paced, dynamic, cool, exciting city
  • Could you find your hostel without signs in English? Here's a chance to try
  • Use Taipei as your gateway to Taiwan, and see another side of Chinese culture

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Why you should not add Taipei to your RTW travel list

  • Some claim that its Asian counterparts are more exciting and have more to offer than Taipei.

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