Author: Sean Keener

How Are Your 2012 Travel Resolutions Going?

During the first week of the Indie Travel Challenge we asked you to share your indie travel list for 2012 . Now that we’re about half way through 2012, it’s time to take a look back at what we wrote on those lists! What did you achieve so far? What is something you are proud of?
I’ve been keeping a travel resolutions (bucket) list for more than a year now and every January I add more things to it. For 2012 I entered two new countries: Italy and Greece (and hoping to make it back to London too). In March, I spent two weeks visiting Italy (Rome, Vieste and Foggia) and Greece (Athens). They were two of the best weeks of my life.
Some of my indie travel experiences included a walking tour of Anafiotika (in Athens) with an amazing artist (and a Greek friend); and walking along the deserted beach in Vieste (Italy) with nothing but the wind and the sound of the waves hitting the shores to keep us company. What travel goals have you met this year?
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Week 26 of the Indie Travel Challenge is all about checking in on your resolutions from Week 1.

Look back at the travel resolutions you made for the first week of Indie Travel Challenge. What have you achieved so far? What is something that you are proud of?
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