Why you should add Aruba to your Indie/RTW trip

[All content and prices updated July 2013]

Looking for white sand beaches on a small island that has year-round weather of about 80 degrees and little rainfall? You may be thinking paradise when reading that last sentence, but you’ll also feel like you’ve been transported to the American Northeast, just with better weather and eye-candy. You can get away from the cruise tourists and all inclusives, though, but it will take a bit of effort on your part.

  • Arikok National Wildlife Park transports you to another world.
  • Head to the Northwest Coast to get away from the packaged tourists and get in with some of the locals.
  • The Natural Pool, on the northern side of the island, is only accessible by ATV or 4×4 jeep/truck. This pool that is hidden under a rock formation, may be difficult to get to, but the payoff is worth it.
  • Go snorkeling and check out the Boca Catalina and Antilla Shipwreck.
  • See Venezuela and the rest of the island on a clear day when you hike to the top of The Haystack, over 500 feet tall with 561 steps.