Dominican Republic

Why you should add the Dominican Republic to your Indie/RTW trip

[All content and prices updated July 2013]

In short, you should go there because everyone else is. Forget what your mother said about jumping off of a bridge if everyone else is doing it. In the case of Dominican Republic travels, you should jump aboard the cool kids train. In recent years the nation on the island of Hispaniola has become the favored playground of the famous and the rich. Its closeness to the United States, unsoiled waterfronts, and stable government have led to an explosion of tourism in the Dominican Republic.

  • In some cases more tourists would be a bad thing, but in the DR (as the cool kids call it), the influx of new visitors has led to an improved infrastructure and an improved time even for guests who are not rich or famous.
  • The chief attraction of the Dominican Republic is its beauty and its location. The warm waters of the Caribbean gently lap up against white beaches that are straight out of Hollywood casting.
  • Inland, lush green mountains serve as a beautiful backdrop.
  • While it has gained in popularity in recent years, the Dominican Republic is still a reasonably priced destination.
  • It offers golf, water activities and resorts that are often much cheaper than comparative locations in the Caribbean. That will likely change over time as more people visit, but for now the Dominican Republic is a hot place to go no matter the level of your income bracket.