Why you should add Jamaica to your Indie/RTW trip

[All content and prices updated July 2013]

If you have been in a college dorm room you probably have seen a taste of Jamaica. It is an annual rite of passage for 18-year-olds to leave home and to decorate their new surroundings with a poster of Bob Marley. It is likely that they choose a poster of Bob Marley smoking pot. For many of us, that is what we associate with Jamaica. It is a land of reggae and marijuana. While you undoubtedly will find both if you look for them in Jamaica, you will also find that the island nation in the Caribbean has more to offer than killer music and killer weed.

  • It is an island with splendid beaches and the spectacular inland Blue Mountains. It is a country that has crowded slums in its cities and open spaces along its coasts.
  • Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean and it is the most populous English speaking one.
  • It is easy to get around, its people are as friendly as can be
  • There are frequent flights from the United States and other parts of the world.

Getting there

You’ll want to book your airline tickets well in advance to get the best deals if you are going in high season.


Jamaica’s economy strongly depends on tourism and as a result there are a good number of hostels, although these are often located in the less desirable areas in the country.