Updated 2016

There's no such thing as "off the beaten path" in Honduras, because in this remote country in Central America, there is no path.

Despite Honduras' attractive Mayan ruins and snorkeling, there is no tourist funnel of activities like you'll find in other countries. You travel there for the food, the Mayan ruins and the climate, but you won't have the same prepackaged experience as everyone else.

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What to do

The Mayan ruins at Copan are one of the must-sees in Honduras. Although Copan is not as heavily trafficked or famous as the Chichen Itza ruins in Mexico, it has one of the most impressive collections of Mayan art in Latin America.

For a more traditional tropical vacation, the Bay islands are full of locations for snorkeling and SCUBA diving that rival any of their Caribbean competitors. Roatan is the most developed island in the group, but the others offer many opportunities to explore and discover a small piece of Honduras.

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Getting there

Although it is not a marquee tourist or resort destination, there are flights into Honduras every day from locations throughout North America and Europe. There are also buses from Guatemala and Nicaragua and cruise ships often stop at the Bay Islands on their tours through the tropics.

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Where to stay

Honduran hotels provide decent accommodation anywhere, but only on the coast will you find the five star resorts. The rest of Honduras is given over to budget places for locals and tourists on their travels around the country. Hostels are part of the tourism industry as well, although everything in Honduras is a bargain and your trip may be the perfect time to splurge on your accommodations.

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