Updated 2016

Why you should add Andorra to your Indie/RTW trip

  • The tiny principality of Andorra, in an area tucked between France and Spain, wins the award for best skiing in the Pyrenees.
  • Over 85% of the GDP of the country comes from you and me taking our skis and boards onto the slopes each year or lacing up our boots and hiking through the mountains in the summer, so the whole country revolves around the mountains.
  • Vallnord and Grandvalira are both interconnected series of several resorts that have combined with each other to form mega resorts where the snow-riding options are pretty close to endless.
  • In the summer, most of the visitors to Andorra explore on foot the same territory that they explore on skis and boards during the winter. Hiking trails snake out over the tops of mountains in every direction and the roaming is unbounded.
  • Go now as development is rampant, and who knows what Andorra will look like in a few years.

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There aren’t any flights to Andorra, the only way in or out of the country are through the two roads entering France and Spain. If you can’t drive to Andorra and need to catch a flight, the closest airports are Barcelona and Toulouse, with shuttle services between Andorra and both airports.

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Chances are if you’re heading to Andorra in the winter to ski, you’ll have a room at your resort on the mountain. If you’ve got the lift tickets but nowhere to stay, there are some hostels that will put you up for the night.