Updated 2016

After a devastating war in the early 1990s, Croatia has rebounded nicely and it is once again a popular tourist destination. Its stunning Dalmatian coast is the main attraction with people from throughout Europe and the world descended on it to bask in the warm summer sun, swim in the blue waters of the Adriatic Sea and experience the laid back pace of life that one only finds in beach communities.

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What to do

The most visited city in Croatia is Dubrovnik and it should be included on your itinerary. The ancient city is surrounded by water and mountains. Its old streets and shops, many of them restored after being damaged by the war, are an inviting place to stroll. Be forewarned, the word has gotten out about Dubrovnik and it is likely that you will have to share it with camera totting visitors from around the world.

Further inland, Croatia is a country with pretty mountains, raging rivers and little communities that maintain the past while looking ahead to a brighter future. The war damage was not as great in the country as it was in neighboring Bosnia, but even today you will see its scars as you travel throughout the country. They serve as a reminder that even as Croatia moves forward its past is still very much present. Croatia is a safe place, but like any destination you need to use common sense and do your best to blend in with the locals.

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Getting there

You can book a flight into Dubrovnik airport (code: DBV), which has flights from all over Europe, but isn’t known for cheap flights from abroad. If you are coming by land, you can easily connect to Croatia by train. A Eurail pass could save you money and time.

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Where to stay

Accommodations in Croatia vary. Hotels can be a bit spendy, especially during the peak travel season in the summer. Hostels are a nice alternative, but fill up quickly so if you can plan ahead it is wise to do so.

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