Updated 2016

The tiny peninsula of Gibraltar sits off the coast of Spain, a pint-sized monument to the long-expired dominance of the colonial British Empire. Gibraltar’s tiny size belies the number of sights and things to do on the island, however. An island shrouded in mystery and seen as a stronghold for centuries, Gibraltar is said to be a web of immense tunnels and caves and nuclear fallout shelters.

What to do

Explore the military installation on the Gibraltar “Rock” and try to come up with a conspiracy theory for what they’re up to at the off-limits military compound at the top. The Rock is easily Gibraltar’s most famous landmark.

There are remnants of other neanderthals inhabiting the Rock in addition to the British Military. St Michael’s cave holds evidence to their occupation of the big mass of stone and is an interesting and explorable attraction for kids or adults.

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Getting there

Crossing the border from Spain is easiest on foot as cars can get backed up and lines can get long, especially when planes are landing at the airport. The only road into the peninsula runs perpendicularly across the airport’s runway. Flights to Gibraltar used to be restricted to only British airways leaving from London, but recently opened to Spanish airlines as well. There is a flight to Gibraltar from Madrid.

Where to stay

Gibraltar sees a bunch of visitors despite its tiny size and there are plenty of lodging options to ponder over. Your most luxurious lodging accommodations are of the five star hotels variety and they continue down through the price ranges of regular hotels and hostels, all the way to the caves of the Rock if you’re feeling adventurous or foolhardy.

If you need to know more about Gibraltar before you feel comfortable landing on this strange isolated peninsula, check out the message boards where you can ask or answer questions about Gibraltar.