This small group of 12 islands in the English Channel is quaintly and quietly an old-style European enclave. Find old stone fortresses and cobbled streets amid a small and tight knit community of people living just off the coast of France.

What to do

The destination is the attraction on the Channel Islands. Sit around sipping coffee at a corner cafe or explore the islands by bike in an afternoon. There is no hurry here and you’ll float through your afternoons shopping or taking in one of the historic sites.

Whether you’re walking along Le Gouffre cliffs or touring Victor Hugo’s house, you’ll pass the days at the same leisurely pace.

Getting there

The only way to get to Guernsey island is by boat or plane. There are no direct flights from outside of Europe, but there are plenty of easy connections through London and several airports in England, as well as flights from France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Ferries leave from several docks in France and England and the other Channel Islands. Once on the island, there are no trains but buses and cars for hire. The islands are mostly small enough to walk or bike around.

Where to stay

Guernsey and the Channel Islands see much tourism and travelers and are well equipped to put up even a large group of people. There are four star hotels on every island as well as a few hostels and budget accommodations like cheaper hotels and hostels for travelers on a budget. For travelers on an even tighter budget, there are campsites on several of the Channel Islands, though not all.