Holy See (Vatican City)

Updated 2016

You could make a strong case for calling Vatican City the most devout country in the world. After all, the “country” exists to serve as home to the Polish pope, thousands of Swiss Guards, and to host the millions of tourists that pass through the gates each year. Whether you’re Catholic or not, however, Holy See has something to interest most every traveler and is home to some of world’s most famous pieces of art and historic buildings.

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What to do

Take a tour, walk around, marvel at the 100 acre compound encircled by a 3.2 kilometer circumference wall. Some of the museums here have one of a kind works of art commissioned by the Catholic Church by some of history’s most famous artists. Allow a bit of time to wait in line, queues can stack up to a two hour wait to get in.

If you want to skip the line, paying for a guided tour of the Vatican can get you passed pretty much any length of line to get in. Special Vatican approved tour operators offer these tours and can be the best way to see the city during the summer or high tourist season.

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Getting there

If you want to see Holy See you’re going to have to get a flight to Italy first and get yourself to Rome. When in Rome, do as they do and take the Metro line A bus to Cipro or a taxi. For more information on getting to Vatican City and where to stay when you’re touring around the city, see the Italy Travel Logue.