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Why you should add Iceland to your Indie/RTW trip

Contrary to its name, Iceland is not a country of frozen tundra that could be cut up and used to keep your soft drink cold. After all, only eleven percent of the island is glaciated. Hardly enough land to warrant its name.

  • The main attraction is the geography. It is home to more fjords, volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and other amazing things than your eyes will be able to process.
  • The word is out that Iceland is a great place to travel and as a result it is seeing an increasing number of tourists each year.
  • It’s an awesome place to challenge yourself with one of their amazing hikes.
  • Iceland Air makes it possible to visit Iceland for free on a stopover (learn more about stopovers in this article), offsetting some of the high costs of travel within the country.
  • Despite the vastness of parts of the country, it’s still possible to get around by public transport.
  • Two words: Northern Lights

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Indie travel tips for Iceland

  • The famous Blue Lagoon near the main airport is probably the most famous single attraction in the country. Touristy? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!
  • The capital of Reykjavik is an enjoyable city with great nightlife, although it can be expensive too.
  • If you have the funds, rent a car and drive the Ring Road.
  • Go horseback riding on an Icleandic horse, which are smaller, stockier, and friendlier than horses you’ve probably ridden in the past.
  • Go scuba diving and see a rift in the Earth, caused by two tectonic plates that are slowly moving apart.
  • Explore moss-covered lava fields on your way to a spelunking adventure in on of the 2000+ caves in the country.
  • If here April-October, go whale watching.

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Iceland is a remarkably advanced and sophisticated country. As a result, it is also very easy for a visitor to navigate. With cheap flights from Europe and stopover deals on flights from North America, getting to Iceland is now easier than ever. Check out airfare to Iceland on BootsnAll’s airfare finder.


Perhaps the biggest drawback to Iceland is the cost. It is bloody expensive to live there and finding deals on accommodations can be a real challenge. Though it is cheaper than usual these days because of their currency issues, it’s not Southeast Asia cheap. You can do some advanced planning by searching for hostels on BootsnAll’s hostel booking site.

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