Updated 2016

Sorrento is part of Italy's idyllic coastline, and has long been popular with sun seekers. The area is traditionally popular with the moneyed set, but it's becoming easier to find relatively inexpensive lodging here (though rest assured you'll pay more here than you will in many other places!). Sorrento is also a great base from which to explore the islands of Capri and Ischia just offshore, as well as Naples, Pompeii and Herculaneum. The coastal towns can get annoyingly full in August, when city dwellers from inland flock to the sea for their annual holidays, so you may want to avoid Sorrento during that time.

What to Do

The sun is the main attraction in Sorrento, and some of the beaches are great. You'll find that the best ones are private, so you'll need to pay to use them, but if you're here to sunbathe then you won't mind. Like any good coastal town, Sorrento is also a great place to try a number of water sports, including sailing and fishing. Away from the water's edge, there's a cathedral and monastery in Sorrento worth visiting, and a handful of nice museums and galleries and even some Roman ruins to explore. The point of a visit to Sorrento, though, is not a packed cultural itinerary - it's a relaxing spot to soak in the sun and sample the local liqueur, limoncello. Not a bad way to go, really.

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Getting There

Naples has the closest airport to Sorrento, but if you're flying in from outside Europe you may end up flying into Rome's Fiumicino Airport instead. From there you can take a train to Sorrento or rent a car, although driving along the twisty coastline may be more of a challenge than you're looking for. Start by looking for deals on airfare to Italy.

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Where to Stay

The prices for hotels in Sorrento can get really steep really quickly, so if you see something that's in your price range and you're traveling during the high season, don't wait too long before booking it. You can begin by looking through these Sorrento hostels and Sorrento hotels and book a room today.

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