Updated 2016

Why you should add Liechtenstein to your Indie/RTW trip

Liechtenstein is an obscure destination for a traveler through Europe, but the tiny monarchy between Austria and Switzerland does have a certain appeal.
  • Liechtenstein is attractive because it is small enough that it is possible to see the ENTIRE country on one trip.
  • For a small country like this, the number of outdoor activities available to travelers is surprising.
    • You can spend your time mountain biking, hiking or skiing at Liechtenstein's small ski resort, Maldun.
    • There is also the Prince's Royal Castle to be seen and a walk around the German Furstenstein castle, which allows you to look down into Liechtenstein.
    • You may even bump into the Royal Family if you visit Schloss Vaduz (the Royal Castle).
  • The country is just a little bigger than New York's Manhattan - which means you can walk across the entirety of it!
  • It has a very high standard of living, so expect to pamper yourself - a great place to take a vacation from your trip.
  • If you're looking to visit Liechtenstein while not spending a fortune, try hitchhiking as it's safe and easy.

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There aren't any airports in Liechtenstein, so your best bet is to catch a flight into Zurich or Vienna. Because of the customs regulations and an economic pact Liechtenstein has with Switzerland, it is easiest to fly into Zurich. Vienna is twice as close, but there is limited shuttle and bus service from the airport.

Liechtenstein does not maintain its own customs or passport offices, you'll be treated as if you'd just entered Switzerland. It is also not part of the EU, but is part of the Schengen region. Find more on the political and travel related details here.

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There are several hotels around Liechtenstein, although most tourists spend their nights in Austria where the rates are cheaper. If you're determined to stay in Liechtenstein but don't want to pay the higher price, try the one hostel located in Schaan.

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