Updated 2016

Most travelers interested in the former Yugoslavia are lured by the sunshine and spend their time in Croatia, on the beaches of the Adriatic. Serbia is not the obvious travel destination in the region, which for some, makes it all the more appealing. There is an abundance of travel street-cred to be had in Serbia and travelers looking for that kind of experience will find that Serbia delivers on their need for adventure and gritty reality.

What to do

Serbia owes many of its attractions to the natural beauty of the mountains and surrounding wildlife. Palic Lake in northern Serbia is home to a summer resort and hosts several cultural and sporting events each year. Palic is one place you should definitely visit if you’re in Serbia and grow weary of your urban living situation.

You might consider Serbia for an inexpensive skiing vacation. The resorts at Zlatibor and Kopaonik are known as two of the best in Serbia. You’ll find that lifts and lodges are not as advanced as the mountains in Austria or France, but neither are the prices.

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Getting there

Belgrade has a variety of flights arriving from all over Europe each day. From Belgrade you can explore the rest of the country easily by train or bus. If driving in the dead of winter, you’ll want to allow yourself plenty of extra time for icy roads through the mountains.

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Where to stay

Belgrade’s development has been stunted by decades of war and ethnic tensions and the continuing conflict between Kosovar and Serbian populations continues to hinder free trade and economic growth.

Despite these setbacks, there are hotel rooms in Belgrade and plenty of places to sleep. Hotels are cheap, hostels are cheaper and the Serbs maintain a high level of hospitality for foreign travelers.

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