Updated 2016

Slovakia is an ideal travel destination. It's not been discovered on a large scale yet and there is a lot to see (beautiful old towns, breath-taking scenery, romantic ruined castles) in a relatively small country. Infinite possibilities exist for walkers and hikers, people are friendly, and the beer and vodka are excellent. You won't need to worry about your budget, that's for sure.

What to do

It is said that Slovakia has more fortified castles than anywhere else in the world, but the most enjoyable thing about Slovakia is the scenery that surrounds them. The Vysoké Tatr, or High Tatras mountains in the northern section of Slovakia was named a UNESCO heritage sight based on the astounding variety of its plant and animal life and the Slovensky Raj National Park is a popular hiking destination.

Be sure to see Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia and its largest city. The historic old town in the center of the city is home to several museums and many of the city's important buildings. A few kilometers outside the city, Devin Castle sits at what was once a strategic border of the Roman Empire and is now just a fascinating historic sight.

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Getting there

Slovakia is located at the center of Europe and is sometimes used as a travel hub for those passing from Western Europe to Central Asia. A number of trains run through Slovakia and the region on their routes through Europe so it's easy to hop off at a stop.

Flying to Slovakia from elsewhere usually brings you in to the airport at Bratislava. Your best bet for an international flight is a flight to Prague. You can then take a train south to Slovakia.

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Where to stay

Slovakia's best hotels are in its most traveled city, Bratislava. The hotels are new but retain their Slovakian charm and the hostels are more abundant and full of the kind of spirited travelers that you can expect to find all over Eastern Europe.