Updated 2016

There is more to do in Ibiza than spend all night in clubs and all afternoon on the beach, but you’d never know it from the stories you’ve heard from those who’ve been there. This charming Spanish island in the Balearic Sea has become synonymous with the summer dance club life and it would be a shame to try to ignore that aspect, but there are other good reasons to check out Ibiza.

What To Do

San Antonio is the town that is the epicenter of the club scene and home to the famous Café del Mar, which is a great place to watch the sunset or sunrise. Huge parties and clubs change names every time you turn around, but it’s a guarantee that if the weather is warm there is something amazing going on. Even if you aren’t a regular clubgoer it’s worth checking out this world famous scene.

The town of San Juan is on the north side of the island and is not overly developed by tourist haunts. This is more the old school Ibiza that drew hippies in the 60s and 70s long before there was a rave scene. The beaches are great and the water is usually clear. Ibiza City is where most people arrive and it has a nice balance of old and new. The old quarter of town is charming and traditional and yet there is plenty to do here along with great restaurants and nightlife.

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Getting There

You really have no choice but to book a flight into Ibiza’s International Airport (code:IBZ). Flights are far more common during the peak summer months and many low cost carriers fly here so plan well ahead and you can get some great deals. The airport is fairly close to the capital and buses run every 30 minutes.

Where To Stay

As you’d expect with a tourist island there are loads of hotels and hostels in Ibiza to choose from. During peak season things book up early, particularly the better places so plan ahead. If clubbing is your thing you’ll want to make sure you are in the right area so as to avoid the hassle of long distance sunrise transportation.