Updated 2016 Lloret de Mar is one of the premier beach destinations on Spain's Costa Brava, and has been for more than 50 years.

What to Do

The obvious main draw in Lloret de Mar is the beach - and that's as it should be. This is the largest beach resort city on the Costa Brava, and the beach itself is beautiful. Lloret de Mar boasts a full seven kilometers of coastline, most of which is covered in white sandy beaches that run into stunningly blue water. What's not to love? If spending your entire vacation lying on the beach sounds boring, however, the city of Lloret de Mar offers visitors a chance to soak in its history as much as its sun. There are medieval castles and historic Iberian settlements to tour, which will give you a glimpse into the area's past. And for those of you who need a little more physical activity, you can go hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and scuba diving in and around the city of Lloret de Mar. Of course, no matter what you do during the day, you'll want to save a little energy to enjoy the Lloret de Mar nightlife, too.

Getting There

The closest airports to Lloret de Mar are in Barcelona (75 km away) and Girona (30 km away), and for most people Barcelona's international airport is going to be the way to go - it's the easiest way to get a flight to Lloret de Mar. From Barcelona, you'll want to take a bus (trains don't serve Lloret de Mar). The easiest (and cheapest) way to get around Lloret de Mar is on foot, although there are lots of taxis and even a bus network to get you around.

Where to Stay

Lloret de Mar is known for its big resort hotels, especially those right along the famous beaches, so hotels in Lloret de Mar aren't usually in the "budget" category. Still, you can find deals if you move further inland away from the beach - and there are even a few hostels in Lloret de Mar as well which are worth looking at.