Updated 2016

Switzerland is in the business of neutrality. As a result, it is the home of many world organizations, a center of finance and a place where people all over the world would like to travel.

Why should you go to Switzerland? You could go to pick up a new Swiss Army knife, deposit your offshore money in the bank, learn to speak Germany, Italian and French, yodel, eat more delicious chocolate than your stomach can handle, and watch hunky men dressed in funny outfits.

What to do

All of these are legitimate reasons to go the heart of Europe, but if you need any further reason to check out Switzerland, just take a look at the scenery. We’re talking mountains and lakes and rivers and more mountains. Oh my! This country is one of splendor.

All of this beauty and all of this neutrality and all of those hunky men in weird outfits come at a cost, however. Switzerland is downright expensive for the budget traveler so before you leave make sure that you do plenty of planning in advance to help make it somewhat more affordable. Here are some places to begin your planning.

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Getting there

Airfare to Switzerland is rarely as cheap as it is to other European countries, but if you do need to fly there you can find some budget options.

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Where to stay

Some of the most expensive hotels in the world are located in Switzerland, but you can also find beds that are reasonable. One excellent option is to go with youth hostels. They are cheaper than most hotels and in Switzerland they are notoriously clean.

What better way to learn about a country and to gain important travel tips than to discuss it with people who have already been there? Our community members are chockfull of information, as are our Switzerland travel stories.

Have a great trip and please do bring us back some chocolate when you return.

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