[Updated 2016]

Iran is suffering a long decline in their currency which makes the country a great deal for travelers with Canadian Dollars in their pockets. And, it’s not a country that all of your friends will have visited! Hence, we’ve added it to our Top 10 Value Destinations for Canadian Dollar Travelers for 2016. Don’t wait!

Why you should add Iran to your Indie/RTW trip

  • Think of Iran as an opportunity to understand a culture that is most different from your own and you’ll thoroughly enjoy your trip.
  • Iran is not an entirely alien culture, but it’s got its own idiosyncracies and customs to navigate.
  • Despite a little bit of tension between the Americans and the Iranians, travel options remain attractive in Iran for citizens of the rest of the world.
  • There is a rich history to discover among the ancient ruins and expansive museums that chronicle some of the earliest civilizations in the world.
  • Outdoor activities also abound, and travelers can find opportunities for rock climbing, soaking in hot springs in Mahallat and watching hundreds of thousands of birds descend on Qeshm Island, an ecotourism hot spot.


Flights to Iran land in Tehran and that is most likely where your travel will begin. Dubai is one of the major hubs for travel to Iran and routing your travel through Dubai can help you get in to Iran once you arrive.


You’ll have no shortage of options for housing in Iran. Many hotels have been instructed by the government to provide exceptional service to tourists, so most likely you’ll be greeted with a smile. For less expensive accommodations, there are guesthouses and hostels sprinkled throughout the city and you should be able to find information about a hostel at the airport or train station.