Amman itself is a great base for exploring the surrounding areas, and even though some travelers will tell you to move on as soon as you arrive, there are still things worth seeing here.

  • Wander around Rainbow Street, an interesting place to explore.
  • If you find yourself in Amman during early September, you can take part in the Jordan Short Film Festival.
  • Make sure you check out the sunset from the view point near the Citadel.
  • If you want to get an idea of what the Old Amman is all about, explore the central area of downtown, called Balad.
  • Spend some time hanging out in a hookah bar

Why you should add Amman to your RTW travel list

  • Experience the Islamic Ramadan in December
  • A starting point for travel to the amazing lost city of Petra
  • Take a day trip out to the ancient ruins of Umm Al-Jimal
  • Some of the world’s best diving can be found in the south near Aqaba
  • Fancy yourself as Lawrence of Arabia: Wadi Rum in the south is known for dramatic desert scenery

Why you should not add Amman to your RTW travel list

  • Amman can seem underwhelming and too modern if you’ve come from other Middle Eastern cities.
  • There are lots of modern shopping malls and western restaurants.