The arid Baja Peninsula has everything from quaint fishing villages to desolate stretches to resort towns like Cabo San Lucas at its tip. With its miles and miles of beautiful beaches, distinctive culture and charming backcountry villages, Baja is the perfect destination for outdoor lovers, those looking to get in some quality beach time or for traveler’s looking to get off the beaten path.


Most traveler’s to Baja stick to the coastlines on either the Pacific side or in the Sea of Cortez. The waters off the peninsula is one of the richest areas on whale and dolphin diversity and you can see Blue, Humpback, Fin, Orca and Sperm whales among others in the winter months.

There is also terrific snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities off the coast of Baja. The convergence of tropical influences and temperate weather conditions makes for a vast array of marine life. Fishing and kayaking are also popular.

Those looking for a resort should head to Cabo San Lucas, where there are lots of beautiful beaches and distinct rock formations mark the coastline. Thos looking for more of an off the beaten path experience can head to Todos Santos for some amazing surfing or Loreto. You can also drive the Baja peninsula, stopping at fishing villages along the way and eating fish tacos from road side stands.


There are several major airports in Baja. As a popular tourist destination, it is easy to get a cheap flight to Cabo San Lucas (airport code SJD). Travelers can also get a flight to San Diego and then drive south of the border down the peninsula. For those driving to the airport in the United States, arranging airport parking at San Diego in advance can save both time and money.


Baja hosts a wide range of different accommodation options. You can find mid-range or high-end hotels, luxury resorts or cheap, basic rooms. For those on a tight budget, you can also find hostels in Mexico. There are even a few hostels in Cabo San Lucas for those who may want to hang out in a popular resort destination but don’t want to shell out the big bucks.