• Don’t walk past the arepa stands on the side of the road. These are some delicious treats that are dirt cheap.
  • If you like sweet coffee, then get some tinto in tiny little cups from tinto vendors all around the city.
  • Hang out in many of the cities’ plazas, relax and people watch.
  • Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city center and explore the park of Virrey or the largest park in the city, Simon Bolivar.
  • Go to El Salitre and catch a futbol game at El Campin Stadium.
  • Every Sunday Bogota closes nearly 70 miles of its streets to cars in order to promote healthy living. Come walk, ride a bike, and just hang out with both Colombians and tourists alike.

Why you should add Bogota to your RTW travel list

  • Bogota is filled with great eats everywhere.
  • Visit some really cool museums like the Gold Museum and the Police Museum.
  • Experience the culture and atmosphere of Colombia.
  • Visit Bogota as a way into the Amazon Jungle.
  • If you’re into dancing and late nights, Bogota is a great place for it.
  • It’s the city to be in for exploration into the rest of the country.

Why you should not add Bogota to your RTW travel list

  • If you’re not into big cities, then Bogota may not be the place for you.


To the average joe, the capital of Colombia might seem a little bit scary, obviously from all the negative Hollywood movies about life in Colombia. Surprisingly, though, this cosmopolitan city exuberates high-octane energy, and wealth more than you would imagine.