Lima is never near the top of Peru’s travel wish list, but if you stick around long enough, you’ll find plenty to do.

  • Pop into any local, corner restaurant with locals in it and order some ceviche and a pisco sour. The more hole-in-the-wall looking, the better.
  • Lima is a big surfing destination, so take some classes and learn to surf the rough Pacific waters.
  • Wander around the streets and coastline of Miraflores, taking in the sights and sounds of Lima.
  • Instead of taking taxis, try your hand at figuring out the local bus system – it’s challenging at first but once you get the hand of it, it’s cheap and there will be nary a tourist joining you.
  • Check out a futbol game at the National Stadium.
  • If you like nightlife, head to Barranco for a great scene.

Why you should add Lima to your RTW travel list

  • The capital of Peru
  • Located on the central coast of Peru with the best access to the rest of the country
  • The food and drink is extremely good and unique.
  • Traveling in such a large, metropolitan city is normally not so cheap.
  • Lima provides great access to the rest of Peru and South America.
  • The nightlife is incredible if that’s what you’re into.
  • There is also plenty of culture and museums if that’s what you’re into.
  • Explore the huge Andes Mountains

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Why you should not add Lima to your RTW travel list

  • Lima is smoggy much of the year, with gray skies and lack of sunshine.
  • While there are certainly many more dangerous locations, Lima can be bad if you don’t watch your back.
  • The city is rather spread out and public transport options are not the greatest.