Updated 2016

Suriname’s jungle may appeal to the adventurer in you, but even if it doesn’t, this hot, humid destination is full of enough mystery and beauty to keep you enthralled as you sweat through your safari hat.

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What to do

Suriname is full of natural beauty and interesting outdoor attractions, but nowhere more so than the Central Suriname Nature Reserve. This massive park of tropical rainforest and protected animal habitat represents a commitment by Suriname’s government to protect and utilize the rainforest themselves under a sustainable model rather than let developers pilfer the natural resources.

Ecotourism is now the big attraction to Suriname, especially at the Foengoe Island resort in the CSNR. Elsewhere, the Raleighvallen Nature Reserve is a few hours away by boat and expands the available terrain to explore.

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Getting there

Getting in to Suriname can be tricky. Most visas are one-time use only, so once you’re in, you can’t leave until you’re ready to be gone for good. Flights into Suriname from North America come from Miami, if you’re coming from Europe your flight will depart from Suriname’s former colonizer, the Netherlands.

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Where to stay

If you’re heading into the rain forest, your lodging options will be dictated by where you can find two trees to hang your hammock from. If you’re planning on staying in a hotel, make plans to stay in Paramaribo, the capital city with the best hotels. There is also a network of guest houses that put up travelers for much less.