[Updated 2016]

Uruguay is a fantastic place for travelers with Australian Dollars in their pockets to dig in to South America. And, it's not a country that all of your friends will have visited, plus, it has some great beaches! Hence, we've added it to our Top 10 Value Destinations for Australian Dollar Travelers for 2016. Don't wait!

If you make a habit of bragging about your traveler credentials, but desperately want to just relax and sit by the beach for on a trip, Uruguay is just the place for you. Few outside of South America know that Uruguay's coastline looks like it came straight off a screensaver, even fewer will know if that's all you see on your trip.

What to do

The beaches are serene and beautiful, but they're not all there is to enjoy. Uruguay is known, internationally, for its bird watching. Take a trip with a local birding expert and see some of the most diverse fowl in South America.

Or spend your time in the capital city Montevideo. Montevideo's charming architecture and clean streets make any traveler feel welcome and safe in Uruguay. Crime rates are low people are prospering and the city is full of activity. Recently, Montevideo was mentioned as one of the three cities with the highest quality of life in Latin America.

Getting there

Uruguay's international airport is located in Montevideo and a wide range of airlines fly in from all over the world. If you're flying from North America in the winter, American Airlines runs a non-stop flight from Miami to Montevideo.

Where to stay

One drawback of Uruguay's relative prosperity is that budget accommodations for backpackers and trekkers are a little bit hard to come by. Hotels are available in every city and there are many resorts on the South Atlantic coast, but hostels are somewhat more limited unless you're in major cities like Montevideo.