Updated 2016

Surprisingly unknown on the travelers circuit and to much of the Western World, Venezuela is a beautiful and culturally rich nation on the Caribbean coast of South America. The great thing is, it’s almost completely devoid of tourists.

Venezuela is as racially and culturally diverse as its ecological profile. Yet strangely, there seems to be a single Venezuelan identity that is a conglomeration of the Native, African and European cultures which bred it. Although Venezuela has its struggles with racial and social inequality, the Venezuelan identity is very rich in culture and tradition. The food and music are wonderful. The people are generally warm and inviting. From the plains of the Llanos – popular for horseback riding – to the Andes mountain range that cuts through beautiful towns like Merida to the Amazon-like wilderness of Orinoco Valley, there is no end of things to do, especially for adventure tourists where eco-tourism is starting to thrive.

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