Las Vegas

Follow these tips for having an indie travel experience in Vegas.

  • There are some cool free things to see in Vegas – like the Bellagio fountain, botanical gardens inside the Bellagio casino, the lion habitat at MGM Grand, and the volcano at the Mirage.
  • Check out some free shows – Circus acts at Circus Circus, Masquerade Show in the Sky at Rio, and I Lost My M in Vegas at M&M World.
  • Eat at one of the many world famous buffets or restaurants if you want to splurge.
  • Go climbing at nearby Red Rock Canyon.
  • Sites like the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam are a short drive or helicopter ride away.

Why you should add Las Vegas to your RTW travel list

  • Visit the neon city where gambling is a religion
  • The Strip, the lights, the people, the party – the time of your life!
  • Amazing hotels, incredible light shows, unforgettable performers, in a place that seems unreal
  • A shining light in the desert, indulge in good food and entertainment – pack your luck!

Why you should not add Las Vegas to your RTW travel list

  • It can blow your budget up in no time at all.
  • If you want to go see the beauty of the surrounding areas, you may need your own two wheels.


For an insider’s look at all that is going on in Las Vegas, you’ll definitely want to check out our dedicated Las Vegas Travel Guide web site.

You might be surprised that a city that is known as ‘Sin City’ has more places of worship than you can blink an eye at. Apparently some people go to Vegas and end up finding God somewhere between the craps table and the all-u-can eat buffet line.

It is likely that you aren’t planning your trip to Las Vegas so that you too can experience a spiritual awakening. You aren’t alone. Many people go to the city in the desert to dabble in debauchery. Gambling, sex, Wayne Newton,all of life’s temptations are at your fingertips. The old adage about what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is still true for many of her visitors today.

While Las Vegas still has plenty of seediness, the city has been transformed during the past couple of decades. It is now more family friendly with both casinos and their surroundings eager to welcome people of all ages. There are amusement rides, video arcades, shopping malls and loads of other things to separate your money from your kids’ pockets while you are busy betting your life’s savings on red.

What to do

Of course most people come to Las Vegas to try their luck in the huge and glamorous casinos, but there is far more to do than that. There’s been a new trend among visitors to come for the shopping, excellent dining, and trendy nightclubs without so much as pulling the handle on a slot machine once.

Las Vegas is also filled with options for families as nearly every one of the huge hotel/casinos on the Strip has added special attractions for children like huge arcades and even quite a few small theme parks. If you’ve tapped out or really like nature you can be out in the gorgeous Red Rock Canyon in about half an hour if you rent a car in Las Vegas. The Grand Canyon is about a 4-hour drive away, and people do daytrips out there every day of the year.

Getting there

More good news as flights to Las Vegas tend to be some of the cheapest in the country. The airport is the hub of a few airlines and literally every major US carrier flies into the city every day, so competition is high and that keeps prices relatively low. You can often get an excellent deal combining your hotel stay with a cheap flight for a tempting vacation package.

Where to stay

Almost all of the 20 largest hotels in the world are located on or near the Las Vegas Strip so finding a hotel in Las Vegas is never a problem. You can often save a bit by staying in a smaller place or at a hotel off the Strip itself. There are actually 3 real Las Vegas hostels now, and several other budget places you’ll find listed alongside them. And don’t forget about the Las Vegas deals for hotel specials and hotel+air packages.