Asia Travel Articles

Asia is a massive continent that is varied and offers tons of indie travel experiences. Choose from nearly 100 articles – hitchiking tips, travel guides to cities and countries, and food guides – just to name a few.

A Girl’s Guide to India
A Girl’s Guide to India India can show you its best and worst sides in the same breath. From stunning scenery to smelly streets, it's not difficult to form a love/hate relationship with this amazing country. And things can be even more challenging and rewarding for solo female travelers. If you're planning to visit, Jo Fitzsimons provides a Girl's Guide to India.
The Mumbai Food Trail
The Mumbai Food Trail Just like anything Mumbai offers, the food can be a sensory overload. You just don’t know where to begin. So, Charles & Revati Victor list the top Mumbai foods that you simply must sample to say you’ve truly tasted Mumbai with more than just a spoon.
Falling in Love with Malaysian Food
Falling in Love with Malaysian Food Many people consider Malaysia as one of the world's most eclectic food paradises. Marco Ferrarese, long term foreign resident in the country, gives you 10 tips to get straight to the counter and order your roti canai biasa – and much more - confidently in second
Indie Travel in Vietnam for $30 Per Day
Indie Travel in Vietnam for $30 Per Day Traveling around Vietnam can be extremely cheap. Extremely expensive. Or anywhere in between. Budget, bare-bones backpackers can probably get around on $10-$15USD per day or less. If you want to pamper yourself by staying in 5-star hotels and eating at the finest restaurants, you can blow through $150USD per day. Then there’s everything in between. […]
How To Eat Like A Local In Sri Lanka
How To Eat Like A Local In Sri Lanka Totally different to Indian fare, Sri Lankan food is unique, delicious and shockingly underrated. Travel blogger and self-confessed foodie Natalie Lyall-Grant explores this little-known cuisine and shows you how to explore Sri Lanka's customs and culture using your tastebuds.
5 Unmissable Thai Dishes
5 Unmissable Thai Dishes You’ve not tried Thai food in its best and most unadulterated form until you’ve been to Thailand. Chris Wotton recommends the best local spots to try five unmissable dishes in the bustling capital of Bangkok.
Why You Should Stick Around Bangkok
Why You Should Stick Around Bangkok Bangkok is a major hub of Southeast Asia, but often travelers treat it as just that: a pit stop. Writer Shelley Seale gives three itineraries that may just make you want to stay a while.
Visiting Thailand – Indie Style
Visiting Thailand – Indie Style Thailand has a well-deserved reputation as backpacker paradise, but for those who are jaded by tourist hordes, there is far more to see in this country; anthropologist Stephen Le explains how.
Cast Away on the Similan Islands in Thailand
Cast Away on the Similan Islands in Thailand Ever watch the movie Cast Away and thought to yourself, "I'd endure a flaming plane crash and years of isolation just to be trapped in an island paradise"? James Pham tells you how to be cast away on your own secluded Thai island with swimming pool-like water and deserted beaches.
The Indie Traveler’s Guide to China
The Indie Traveler’s Guide to China China is an amazing country- but many traveler's find it intimidating. Here's your guide to backpacking in China- and why it's easier than you think.