BootsnAll’s Traveler Code of Conduct

This is a version of the original BootsnAll Code of Conduct that was written by founders Sean and Chris back in 1997. A few things have changed since then, but we still think this list is amusing.

1. Diplomacy is the norm, except between members where fence-sitting will not be tolerated.

2. ‘Taking the piss’ is mandatory, but never with the intention to hurt.

3. Going overseas and falling in love with the dashing stranger you met for three days in a guesthouse is discouraged, but tolerated and grounds for taking the piss.

4. Giving up is grounds for dismissal. Members must always try hard, even if failure results.

5. BootsnAll meetings may take place in any location between a minimum of two members. Picturesque locations are encouraged; mountain ranges or nice pubs, for example.

6. All talk and no action is not permitted, including and especially during BootsnAll meetings.

7. Incriminating and ridiculous photographs of members must be taken and posted on the web (see founder’s profiles).

8. Facial hair is encouraged; Female members are excepted.

9. When camping, all fires must be built according to ‘The Way.’

10. Suitcases are not acceptable.

11. High quality boots are a must. Sandals are also acceptable, but running shoes are a definite no-no.

12. T-shirts are items of trade.

13. “So we can tell our mates we did it” will be dismissed as shite and grounds for dismissal.

14. Beer is the alcoholic beverage of choice and should be present at all meetings. If you don’t like beer, other drinks are allowed, even non-alcoholic drinks (Yuk!).

15. All new technology must be embraced and adapted to serve our travelling needs.

16. Being a loud, obnoxious foreigner while travelling is unacceptable and grounds for dismissal.

17. Describing in great detail how your bowels reacted to the local food is encouraged, especially when sitting down to a meal.

18. All types of independent travel will be encouraged. Not everyone wants to be the spiritual guru who lives with the natives.

19. We are a cult. Just kidding! If you are looking for a cult, click here and go back to a search engine.

20. Bottom line is to have fun, be open-minded, have a thirst for adventure, and a willingness to share.

So, that’s it. The BootsnAll Code of Conduct. Can you live up to “The Code”?
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