Our Core Values

The Core Values of our Community

The Indie Travel Manifesto was created in early 2012 as a joint project between BootsnAll and esteemed travel writer and vagabonding expert Rolf Potts. The Manifesto is a community-curated statement that defines a particular type of travel – one that emphasizes making meaningful connections, seeing the world as a complex and nuanced place, and learning to slow down, listen, and create your own meaning for life based on your first-hand experience of the world around you.

The goal isn’t to create another “tourist vs. traveler” debate or argue about what style of travel is best, but rather to give a name to this type of travel and create an open community for the people and companies that support and relate to it.

Core Values of Our Company

BootsnAll has been in existence since 1998, and although we’ve gone through some changes over the years, the fundamental reasons why we continue doing what we do remain the same.

At our annual retreat a few years back, we did an exercise that got us thinking about BootsnAll’s values in a completely different way. The result was a set of core values that we think not only fit the company brilliantly, but they also speak to many of the things we love about travel, too. Read more about our values here.

Inside our culture, we regularly recognize team members who actively represent a core value. These recognitions happen within the tool we use to set our objectives, so we can keep an eye on them every week, month, and quarter. We use these core values to measure whether a project is worth doing, and whether a project is successful.

You might hear something like “I support this project because I believe it is making meaningful connections with our community,” or “our team is trying this new tool because we want to embrace change and we love learning.”

Seriously, this happens all the time.