• “How to plan a trip around the world” –Washington Post (April 30, 2016)
  • “100 Must-Follow Twitter Users for Travelers”
    Travelers Press – ( January, 15, 2016 )
  • “The tools available on BootsnAll encourage travelers to nail down where they want to travel and when they want to go”
    Alaska Dispatch News – by Scott McMurren ( December 24, 2015 )
    Take 12 months. Add 10 stops. Fly around the world.
  • “In the service that Bootsnall and Airtreks offer, the ticket cost works out to be cheaper than via airline alliances.”
    Business Standard – by Tinesh Bhasin ( December 6, 2015 )
    Planning a round-the-world trip?
  • “Say hello to my favorite frugal flight finder: BootsnAll.”
    Travel Pulse – ( May 30, 2015 )
    The Fiscal Backpacker: Cheap International Flights
  • “…Bootsnall is tackling a mammoth, complex battle for those leisure travelers who are set on exploring the world.”
    Skift Travel IQ – January 8, 2013
    The new around-the-world flight-booking engine that gives independent travelers an edge
  • “Indie can provide instant pricing that can be manipulated in real-time to see how different routes affect price. Being able to play around with a proposed itinerary to see what mix of destinations, flights, and overlands will provide the best bang for the buck is most certainly going to be one of the most visceral appeals of this tool.”
    Tnooz – January 8, 2013
    Backpackers rejoice: The Holy Grail of multi-stop RTW flights is here?
  • “…if you can swing it, RTW could be the trip of a lifetime. If you’re interested, be sure to download the BootsnAll guide.”
    March 20, 2012
    Seniors on the Go: Round-the-world airfare update
  • BootsnAll’s WhyGo Paris site was featured in Google’s Parisian Love Story, for “How to Impress A French Girl
    Super Bowl Ad – February 7, 2010
    Google’s Parisian Love Story Super Bowl Ad
  • “Half of online travelers see community travel sites such as TripAdvisor and BootsnAll as an important component in their travel decision making process, according to a recent report released by Prophis eResearch.”
    Biz Report – September 22, 2008
    Half of online travel consumers turn to web 2.0
  • “I first stumbled on when planning a hostel-hopping trip through New Zealand in 2003. But the site has transformed itself into a richer planning tool for independent (read: budget) travelers in the intervening years.”
    Los Angeles Times – May 13, 2008 for budget travelers
  • “[Bali Blog], driven by the impressive Bootsnall network of travel websites, is packed with updated news stories and a menu offering information on almost everything you need to know about travelling there.”
    Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne) – May 4, 2008
  • “The easy-to-navigate BootsnAll targets young, independent travelers, with links to hostels and low international airfares. But the heart of the site is the BootsnAll Community, with well-trafficked message boards and Ask an Insider.”
    Washington Post – February 3, 2008
    54 Online Travel Sites to Bookmark Now
  • “One-way fares are available for purchase through airlines, airfare-booking Web sites and consolidators, but unfortunately, they aren’t always cheaper than a round-trip flight. … ‘Sometimes the airline pricing algorithms just work out that way,’ says Sean
    Keener, president of the travel Web site”
    Washington Post – August 26, 2007
    Hunting One-Way Bargains
  • Awards “Best practical blog” to Sheila Scarborough’s Family Blog at
    The Guardian – March 3, 2007
    The Alternative Travvies Awards
  • “There’s nothing like leaping into a forum and talking with others about travel experiences, theirs or yours. This one at is a ripper for all South American travel matters. Get the lowdown on the hottest nightclubs, best sightseeing and places to avoid.”
    Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne) – January 28, 2007
    Focus on…South America
  • “A round-the-world ticket is actually a batch of one-way tickets that allow you to make multiple stops in different countries. Tickets are best purchased through a consolidator specialist, such as…. executive Sean Keener suggests that you rank your desired destinations, then get estimates from consolidators and alliances. ‘If the quote fits your budget, bingo! If not, start scraping away stops or adjusting locations,’ Keener says.”
    Washington Post – December 24, 2006
    Globe-Trotting, Step by Step
  • Bootsnall is one of the sites where travellers have been connecting through blogs and message boards for years. Now, new sites are popping up that are entirely devoted to introducing travellers to each other.
    The Guardian – September 30, 2006
    What is Travel Networking?
  • This press release outlines a new initiative at Bootsnall with our theme and destination-based travelogues
    Press Release – October 2006
    BootsnAll Launches Travel Gear Blog
  • Sean Dodson maps out the net’s most innovative and best loved travel websites.
    The Guardian – August 2006
    ‘The sites that changed our world
  • Don’t have the time, money or inclination to play tourist? Explore the wide world of the Web, choose your favourite destination and become a virtual sightseer. Mention of Bootsnall ‘s blogs.
    Montreal Gazette – August 2006
    Stay home and see the world
  • The has launched a blog promotion program called Sponsored Blogroll, which includes Bootsnall.
    Washington Post – August 2006 Launches Sponsored Blogroll
  • Steve Woodward writes about how technology is incorporated into travel and interview staff and members of BootsnAll Travel Network
    The Oregonian – August 2006
    ‘Flashpackers’ wired for world adventure
  • Make the World Wide Web your first travel destination
    Stars & Stripes – May 2006
    Profiles of how online resources, like BootsnAll, are key to planning the perfect vacation
  • A comprehensive profile of the BootsnAll Travel Network and all the technical aspects of the site.
    PC Today – March 2006
    Web Destinations
  • Reporter Michael Behar outlines the use of blogs can be a good research tool for planning your trip.
    Outside Magazine – March 2006
  • Fred’s story illustrates how blogs are a great way to stay in touch with family and friends on the road.
    New York Times – November 27, 2005 Blogs From the Road
  • Web logs, or blogs, could give you the travel bug
    USA Today – April 26, 2005
    BootsnAll is listed as a top travel blog site, recommended by USATODAY’s travel writers.
  • Vauhini Vara looks at how travelers use online travel companies to to get the real scoop on travel destinations.
    The Wall Street Journal – March 21, 2005
    Notes From Nowhere: Travelers are going to get the real skinny from those who have gone before them
  • Burgeoning online travel communities connect travelers and locals, who trade tips, and may even meet for coffee. Who says it’s a lonely planet?
    National Geographic Traveler – March 2005
    Insider Connections
  • President of BootsnAll Sean Keener gives his take on Spring Break for 2005. This Associated Press article was published in more than 20 papers around the world.
    MSNBC – March 7
    Acapulco heat for spring-break
  • Which travel blogs are worth reading?
    Travel & Leisure – March 2005
    Notes from the Underground
  • Sean Keener is interviewed regarding travel communities and how travel blogs have become the new rage.
    Travel Talk Radio – February 2005
    Travel Blogs and the Travel Industry
  • An overview of how BootsnAll helps connect travelers – through travel news, guides and contacts – around the world.
    Portland Business Journal – December 2004
    Booting up a vacation adventure
  • Jayne Clark worked with our Bali office on how the island paradise has rebounded after the bombing. Our Bali website, Bali Blog is mentioned as useful site for independent travelers.
    USA Today – 15 October 2004
    Paradise Rebounds
  • Christopher Elliott looks at the best ways to travel around the world – how to book your tickets, where to find information, where to go.
    National Geographic Traveler – October 2004
    Conquer The World
  • Greg Netzer looks at BootsnAll’s business model and gives it a thumbs up.
    Oregon Business – September 2004
    Will It Fly?
  • Profile of Matt and Robin’s round the world trip and how they are using BootsnAll travel blogs to communicate to their family and friends and create a diary of their experiences.
    Fox News – Channel 12 in Portland, Oregon
    New company with travel blogs
  • Laura Bly highlights how travel blogs, like BootsnAlls, help enable travelers an easy way to chronicle their trips.
    USA Today – 12 March 2004
    Travel blogs: They can make the world go round
  • BootsnAll prez and CEO Sean Keener talks about how to keep in touch on the road. – 6 August, 2001
    Smart travelers dial for dollars
  • A two-page feature following a day in the life of the BootsnAll Guys, how they run their company, and how they survive on meager budgets.
    Portland Oregonian – 25 June, 2001
    Boot Straps
  • BootsnAll writer Paul Kan talks about leaving the rat race and taking his dream trip to Asia.
    International Herald Tribune
    Away from the Rat Race