The Way

Code Of Conduct – Rule 9

Whenever a BootsnAll member goes camping, he/she must know the importance of building a good fire. One that is not only easy to maintain, but can easily be manipulated for your needs (flame for heat and light, coals for s’mores and other good stuff).

We suggest starting with a ring of rocks, followed by a loose collection of paper, dry moss or kindling. It is important to have accumulated a supply of both good-sized twigs as well as “huge logs”. The twigs will ensure you have a good base of coals upon which you can place the huge logs. The huge logs can then be added as needed, depending on how long you wish to bask in the glory of your creation.

Just as important to your fire building technique is a “Fire Stick”. This valuable piece of equipment must be sturdy and of a particular length. This optimum length is unique to everyone, so we can’t help you there, but if it is too long the stick will have no leverage and be unweildy; too short and you run the risk of becoming the Human Torch from the Fantastic Four.

At BootsnAll, we condone fires only in designated fire areas/fire rings. It is very important to have control over your creation at all times and never leave it burning while you sleep. We suggest the “Fireman” method of extinguishing the embers (again, female members are excused), but anything will do as long as the job is done.

However, there is Another Way

photo by Misserion