Family Travel Insurance

For traveling families, we have made it easy to try and choose a travel insurance plan that will protect you and your loved ones from any unexpected event or accident. For families, out of the companies we have worked with, we like World Nomads. You can use the quick quote calculator below.
We realize that everyone has different needs, so we built this online insurance guide that offers you a way to quickly compare different policy options and help you choose a policy that’s best for you and your family. Our travel experts are also available to help answer any questions you might have.

We all know travel has risks, from missed or canceled flights to lost luggage, which is why trip protection exists separately from travel medical insurance (World Nomads has a trip protection policy built in). There are lots of different policies out there for both, and what might have been good for you as a 20-year-old backpacker might not work as you tow the kids behind you.

It pays to be covered, and everyone has their own opinions on how much risk they are willing to take. You probably aren’t willing to take as many risks with your family as you were years ago, but it still pays to be educated in the world of travel insurance. We’ve done a lot of the homework for you, but read all of the fine print to make sure you choose a policy that’s best for you.

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