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We have all the tools and resources available to help get you on the road within a year, including:

  • Instant pricing on multi-stop flights
  • A free 30-day planning e-course
  • The Around the World Airfare Report on the state of multi-stop plane ticket options
  • Expert help and feedback on your multi-stop route
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BootsnAll Membership

1. Why should I join the BootsnAll Travel Community?

Have you dreamed of taking off and traveling long-term? Do you wonder how other, “regular” people take big, round the world adventures that last longer than 1 or 2 week vacations?

Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been helping folks dream big and travel long-term since 1998, and we can give you all the tools you need to get you on the road within the next year!

Whether you are dreaming of long-term travel, planning a RTW trip, on the road right now, or recently returned from an extended trip, the BootsnAll Travel Network has a resource or two (or 117) that will be of use and interest to you.

For many people who visit BootsnAll, their first question is, “What do you do, exactly?”

In very basic terms, you can think of the BootsnAll Travel Network as the perfect combination of a travel guidebook and friendly travel agent that specializes in all things long-term travel.

What this means for you is that you can come to BootsnAll at any point in the process – dreaming, planning, on the road, or back home – and find help with whatever you need.

2. How much does it cost?

Becoming a BootsnAll Member is completely free! We have not, nor will we ever charge you just to join our community.

3. What do I get with a membership?

The biggest perk to becoming a member are all the resources we have to get you on the road within a year.

Here’s a brief rundown. but read on below for more in depth information on each of the services you receive with a BootsnAll Membership: 

Unravel Your Travel

What makes Indie different?

Becoming a BootsnAll Member gives you full access to the capabilities of Indie, our multi-stop flight booking engine, the only one of its kind in the world.

Indie is different than every other company or travel agent who sells multi-stop flights.

  • You can build, price, and book a trip of any length, completely online – no other site lets you search or book more than 6.
  • Build, search, price, customize, and book – NOW!
    • No waiting for quotes from an agent.
    • No back and forth with anyone.
    • No waiting – just get online and do it.
  • There are no pesky rules.
    • Travel in whichever direction you want – east to west, west to east, north to south and back again – whatever your heart desires.
    • Feel free to backtrack as much as you want
    • Add overland segments to your journey
  • Book your flights however you want to book them.
    • Want to book your whole trip, all 18 legs of it, up front? Do it!
    • Only want to book your first flight then wing it from there? Do it!
    • Want to book your first few flights then decide on the fly where to go? Do it!
  • Get expert assistance.
    • We’ve been helping folks book long-term trips since 1998, and we’re only a call, email, or live chat away. If doing it all yourself isn’t your style, reach out – we’re here to help!

Plan Your Round the World Trip
in 30 Days

Once you’ve committed and are ready to start planning that trip, we are confident that we can give you everything you need to get you on the road within a year! Get started with Plan Your Round the World Trip in 30 Days – the 30-day planning e-course that all members have access to.

Launched in February 2013, Plan Your RTW Trip in 30 Days (or RTW30 as we like to call it) has been one of the most well-received and highly rated products in the history of BootsnAll.

There are currently 3 versions on offer – the regular version of RTW30, the family version of RTW30, and the career break version of RTW30.

All offer their own unique highlights depending on what type of traveler you are and what you hope to get out of your trip, and all courses will walk you through all the nitty gritty aspects of planning a long-term trip.

From fun topics like choosing your route and selling your stuff to add to your travel fund to practical topics like figuring out insurance and learning how to shop for gear and pack for a trip like this, once you complete this 30-day course, you’ll be confident and prepared for life on the road.

Becoming a BootsnAll Member gives you access to all 3 versions of RTW30 – sign up today, start receiving emails within the hour!

Get Feedback on
Your Trip

Trips is the newest feature for BootsnAll Members.

An extension of the message boards that were popular in the early days of BootsnAll (and are still around and used plenty), Trips allows members to build a route on Indie and submit it to our newest platform , ask whatever questions you want, and start receiving feedback. That feedback might come from experts who work for BootsnAll and have helped thousands plan trips, or it could be from any of the 100,000+ members of the BootsnAll community.

If you’re in the process of trying to figure out the best route for your trip, or you’re looking to get a lower price for the route you created, or just need some general advice for your particular trip, BootsnAll Members can use this function to ask questions and get tips and advice.

Add a New Trip straight from the Trips site or go to Indie, build a route, and submit it there for feedback.

CONNECT with the Community

All BootsnAll Members are encouraged to create a traveler profile to make it easier to put a face to a name and make meaningful connections with each other.

BootsnAll started out as a community of like-minded travelers looking to connect with one another all across the globe, and our traveler profiles make it easy to continue doing just that.

Create your own profile, then browse others profiles to learn more about other BootsnAll Members and see what travel plans they have. You can see where others are currently traveling or living, what their favorite countries and cities are, what style of traveler they are (solo, couple, family, etc.), what their RTW travel budgets are, and what they can help you with.

The Definitive Report on the State of Multi-Stop Airfare

Flights are the biggest expense for long-term travelers, and there’s no shortage of options out there to choose from.

Sifting through all of the seemingly contradictory information can be frustrating, which was the idea behind the Around the World Airfare Report.

We wanted to create a resource to help long-term travelers learn about their options and make the best decision for them. Enter the Report, where we secretly shopped nine different companies/airline alliances for multi-stop tickets.

There are two versions of the report (version 3 will be released on September 2, 2014!), and in them you’ll find what ticket providers are cheapest for shorter or more complex routes and what providers are best for different departure countries. You’ll also see multiple sample routes with real pricing from each company, including a comparison search of the Do It Yourself method of buying one-way flights around the world.

Becoming a BootsnAll Member will give you access to both of the Airfare Report downloads, and you’ll be the first to know when a new version is complete and available.

BootsnAll Newsletters

All BootsnAll Members have the opportunity to sign up for any or all of our 3 newsletters.

  • BootsnAll Indie Newsletter A bi-monthly newsletter that tells you what’s up in the BootsnAll Community, highlights anything new and exciting on the horizon, and shares our best and most popular content we’ve published over the last few weeks. Keeps you up to date with BootsnAll, it’s archived online so it’s easy to find later, and at twice a month, you won’t feel overwhelmed with too many emails.
  • Round the World Ticket Watch The Round the World Ticket Newsletter focuses on multi-stop travel, particular multi-stop airfare. We track and search for interesting multi-stop routes and deals around the world and share them in this bi-monthly newsletter. We assemble these along with information, tips and other articles on people who are traveling around the world and who prove you can do it to. Subscribe if you are interested in taking or are planning a round-the-world or multi-stop trip, and want rockin’ deals on your ticket.
  • Daily Travel Dose A daily newsletter that’s sent out with a new piece of content, a round the world travel tip, and information about that week’s #RTWChat, our weekly Twitter chat focusing on long-term travel. If you don’t want to receive a short email, highlighting one piece of content, from us every day, don’t get the Daily Dose. You can follow new content from the BootsnAll Homepage and the Twice-Monthly Newsletter as well, but if you want to be notified of a new article every weekday, the DD is perfect for you.

About Us

BootsnAll started out with the idea that travel was life changing, and that is what still drives BootsnAll 15 years later. We want everyone to experience the life-changing experience that is long-term travel, and we want to help you plan your trip and get you on the road as soon as possible.

BootsnAll co-founders Sean Keener and Chris Heidrich began work on a basic website in Eugene, Oregon in January 1999. The original website consisted of six pages – including the BootsnAll Code of Conduct – and the emphasis was on community. Sean and Chris knew they weren’t the only ones out there who travel impacted in a big way.

The site encouraged travelers to sign up for a membership if their travel views aligned with the Code of Conduct. Sean and Chris read every single application and only allowed those in who they felt were worthy. They wanted BootsnAll to be a community, and communities were all about give and take, so members were encouraged to share their travel stories with the rest of the BootsnAll Members.

The small website continued to grow, and despite receiving buy-out offers during the dot-com boom, Sean and Chris declined and decided to do whatever it took to make their travel website succeed, even delivering newspapers at 24 years of age to help fund their passion – BootsnAll!

BootsnAll continued to grow as the years went on, as more sites were added to the network, employees were hired, and products designed to help the long-term traveler.

Though much has changed in the 15 years since BootsnAll launched with the six-page website, the core values and ideals remain the same.

If you have a passion for long-term travel and believe that everyone should experience it at least once in their lifetime, then you are the right person to become a BootsnAll Member!

Read The BootsnAll Story for a more in depth version of the history of BootsnAll, and check out the BootsnAll Timeline to how the site evolved over the past 15 years.