Giving Thanks to RTW Travelers

In a few short months, I will be turning 40, having momo twin identical girls, and launching the boldest, most ambitious project BootsnAll has undertaken since our inception in 1998.

It’s been an awesome, fun, and humbling journey so far.  I realize with clarity, that I am a speck of dust on this planet.  No matter how many folks laugh at me or folks that tell me/bootsnall is the greatest thing ever (I have been told both by partners, employees, and customers countless times over the past 15 years) – it doesn’t matter in the grand scope of the world.  I will die, sometime between very soon and the next 60 years or so.

So before I go, I know I get a chance to celebrate my favorite American holiday,Thanksgiving.

I give thanks to you, the reader.  Thank you for subscribing to BootsnAll and our Daily Dose newsletter.  We will aim to continue to entertain, inform, and motivate you to make indie travel a part of your life.

I give thanks to the rtw dreamer – Thank you for keeping the flame alive.  Even if you have not told anyone, or you don’t think you can ever do it.  Thank you for leaving a space in your mind that you might someday.  We’ll be here to help kindle that fire.

I give thanks the rtw planner.  Thanks for making the commitment to make this a part of your life.  You will not regret it.  BootsnAll will be here to help and cheer you on before, during, and after.

I give thanks to the rtw alumni.  Thanks for doing it, supporting, and encouraging us and other travelers that dream, plan, and do this type of travel.  You know that a RTW trip is probably the best way to learn, perhaps more valuable than any other learning experience in life.  Thanks for doing it and spreading the good cheer.  We’ll be here to help you spread the word and root you on in whatever path you choose post RTW.

Which category are you in now?  I’m a rtw dreamer at the moment (though I’ve been in each category multiple times thankfully!)

With gratitude to you and your families,

Sean E Keener

Co-Founder of the BootsnAll Travel Network

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