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The rail network in Czech Republic is extensive and probes into every corner of the country. It’s the most picturesque way to explore the country and will often stop at a cowshed train station in the middle of nowhere. A good example is the stop for České Šternberg – an attractive Bohemian castle in the middle of nowhere serviced by two pubs and one carriage train. Generally, it’s not the best form of transport if going long distance across the country as it can involve numerous changes and seem like your train is going in concentric circles until it reaches your destination. Everywhere seems to be three hours from Prague. Read more about travel in Czech Republic for $45 a day.
International and local trains run between Prague and most of the major cities of Central Europe, but they are typically less frequent, feature more arduous journeys and are far more expensive than buses. Choose your trains wisely to avoid many changes, and look into paying for local trains to and from the border to get cheaper combined tickets:

  • Germany –  Berlin is the easiest German city to get to from Prague with multiple trains per day. The journey to Munich looks deceptively simple but takes 6 hours. For Nuremberg you can use a bus operated by German railways, which takes just 2 hours and can be used with an interrailing ticket.
  • Poland – For neighbors, Poland and the Czech Republic are very poorly linked. The trains from Krakow and Warsaw are infrequent and take longer than the buses. A good option is the daily sleeper train to these cities as at least you can get a private
  • Austria – Vienna is the best connected of all these cities as trains run every two hours from the Austrian capital to Brno and on to Prague in about 5 to 6 hours.
  • Slovakia – Bratislava is also frequently connected to Brno and Prague with many trains each day taking about 4 hours.

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“Getting off the beaten track in the Czech Republic is still easy but you have to avoid Prague in order to do that. Although, with a bit of research, you can find things to do away from the well beaten path even in popular places.” » Read more in our Czech Republic and Prague Indie Travel Guide

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