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“Dear Chris, or anyone in the BootsnAll team reading this, I just wanted to let you know that I decided to quit my job and travel the world, all thanks to your site! BootsnAll was one of the first places I visited when I was contemplating going on an extended trip to Europe. I read a post on how you should “quit your job to travel” and I did! This is the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my life, but I am certain it will be absolutely worth it. My boyfriend and I decided we will be logging our travels for friends are family at agameofroads.com and we hope to inspire others to do what we’re doing. For now, I just wanted to say thanks!!!” –Ana

“I loved being able to try many different combinations, and see how my destinations and dates affected the price. The interface is user friendly and intuitive. The flexible dates option helped me save a great deal of money, and the customer service is outstanding! They helped me to choose better flights with better connections without any hassle. I would recommend this to anyone who likes to plan their trips and not just be taken for a ride.” –Elizabeth Szczypka

“Wouldn’t you want to have control on choosing your actual departure and arrival times, to know what you airline options are, to know the cost impact of changing flights times and/or airlines? I’d love that…Enter BootsnAll.com (read as “boots and all”). Bootsnall was a great resource for my round the world travel. Lots of great tips… and imagine my delight when I saw they had the BEST tool that had everything I wanted in creating your itinerary!!” – Leo Castillo – Leo shopped for multi-stop tickets through 4 different providers and broke down his entire experience here.

“I had seen the RTW ticket option but didn’t browse tickets until we decided to purchase one for our trip home.  I was hooked and probably tried 75 different trip / country combos over a month before purchasing.”  –Jessica Thompson

“As someone who books a lot of multistop tickets – I am thrilled to have this on the market now and part of my travel planning tools.” –Sherry Ott, OttsWorld & Meet Plan Go

“If I hadn’t done it this way though, I would have likely used the newly (launched in 2013) launched Indie, a multi-stop search engine from BootsnAll. I love this site in general, and though I have not purchased a flight on the site, I love the interface and it’s flexibility…If you do buy a RTW ticket, I suggest starting your search with Indie; the BootsnAll crew is very responsive and helpful and the search tool is very intuitive.” –Shannon O-Donnell,  A Little Adrift

“I loved your company. Not pushy, yet checked in on occasion. I liked the fact that I could customize my trip and know the prices without feeling pressured. Thank you so much!” –Lisa Olson

“I think your site is brilliant and very useful. I appreciated the trip simulator and the exchanges at various moments with the team. In the last phase, the extra suggestions to modify some flights of my list, were really good advises and makes the difference. I couldn’t achieve this RTW trip without your help for that price. I will definitively recommend Bootsnall. Thanks! –​Edith Fortin

“Although I’ve never done an “around the world” trip, it’s something I think about often. It’s fun to plot out various trips just to see what the prices are, and then day dream about putting it all together.” –Jamie Boud

“This is like the anti-vaccine for the travel bug.” –Tim Zheng

Travel Industry & Expert quotes

“Around the world travel planning has never been easy. For years this has been a manual task. Bootsnall is a great answer for RTW fares in just a few minutes. I don’t know any other site that can do so many legs so quickly.” –Terry Jones, Founder of Travelocity.com

“BootsnAll’s Indie allows you to explore the possibilities of long-term travel in a way that actually reflects the flexibility of independent travel. It enables you to research international multi-stop and around-the-world flights with instant pricing, online booking, and none of the cumbersome rules and restrictions that come with airline-alliance bookings. If you’re only planning a trip from Point A to Point B you might not need Indie — but if your journey entails onward travel to Points C or D or Z, Indie is an essential research tool.” –Rolf Potts, author of Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

“With all those weird and wonderful routes out there just waiting to be tried this has to be a good thing. Give it a try!” –Tony Wheeler, co-founder of Lonely Planet

“…Bootsnall is tackling a mammoth, complex battle for those leisure travelers who are set on exploring the world.” –Dennis Schaal, Skift

“Indie can provide instant pricing that can be manipulated in real-time to see how different routes affect price. Being able to play around with a proposed itinerary to see what mix of destinations, flights, and overlands will provide the best bang for the buck is most certainly going to be one of the most visceral appeals of this tool.” –Nick Vivion, Tnooz

“…pretty slick — a very visual map-based display of the entire trip with a breakdown of all the carriers involved, simple editing tools to easily update the route and see revised pricing info, and one final price for the entire trip.” –Pete Meyers, Eurocheapo

What people are saying about Plan Your Round the World Trip in 30 Days

“I have found all the assignments, posts, suggestions, comments, etc to be VERY helpful. I’ve decided to explore slow travel in the future, I’ve already been working on paring DOWN possesions, living on less, and traveling alone, so I’m plugging along. I find the pace of assignments (daily pace) a bit overwhelming, and I’m behind in the reading. This does not bother me- I am being a bit obsessive, looking at sites, activities, different travel deals= it’s entertainment for me. I’m less than 3 years from retirement , so any travel will have to be no longer than 3 weeks (well, I could take a month) until then. So keep it up and THANk you. –Jamy Garcia

“You guys are awesome! These emails have been great. I’m not actioning them all right away, but they are a great source of info and I’ll be using them closer to our trip. Thanks!!!!” –Heather Hastie

This has been a great resource! It has expanded a lot of things I knew I needed to research but seemed too much like work (travel insurance!), but also connected me to these great people…Thank you for putting so much time and energy into this. I have found it very helpful. “ – Travis DePuy

“This has been really great! I’ve been planning for a while now, and it sure gets overwhelming. There is so much to read, plan and decide that we can get kinda lost. I’m gonna be honest here and say that I probably won’t have everything planned out by the end of the month, but I know I’ll use every information you’ve been giving us to do it in my own time…Be sure that you’re helping a lot of people. Thank you for doing this! :) “ – Tatiane Abrão

“The RTW in 30 days has been very helpful. I wasn’t planning a RTW trip, but thought, ‘Why not. Lets see what it takes.’ Half-way in, I’m on the fence. I liked the article on slow travel and am thinking of doing several 4 week, single destination trips instead of a RTW…I’m really enjoying the program. Thanks for doing such a great job.” -Robbin Peterson

“Everything was so perfect! It helps me a lot just to decide to do it, and then here i am, planning my trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much!” – Benedetta Grande

“I was really impressed with all of the tips. I’ll definitely be booking my tickets through Boots N All when we get closer to departure. Thanks for all of the information! It makes us realize that we can do this, and it’s not that hard!” – Heather Hastie

“Love it. This series was great. I’ve bought three different books about ‘how to take a RTW trip’ but I thought these one-a-day articles were more useful than all three books combined. I found the articles very practical, succinct, action-oriented, and covered all the topics I wanted to know about with all the right info. Fantastic job!” – John

“I thought it was great. Some things didn’t apply to me, since I’m retired and don’t have to figure out how to finance my trip. The final check list is great, though, for making sure the final details all come together. I’ve already used the info. about travel insurance for a trip I’m taking next week – wasn’t going to get any, but changed my mind.” – Carole Geordge

“Compared to some epic journeys I’ve seen on BootsnAll I’m planning relatively quick, 3 country trip, for which BootsnAll has been an indispensable tool. Without it planning such an awesome adventure, instead of being exciting, would have been a combination of stress and doubt. But with your checklist and budget calculator, I’m able to see that I WILL have enough money to travel, I’ll have everything I might have forgotten handled, and return home with some cash left over. This has liberated me from unnecessary strife and I’m grateful for it. I’ve already suggested your Plan Your Round the World trip in 30 Days email series to many of my friends and family. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Dana

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