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Week 4 – The Prize is a Italy Eurail Flexpass

Cynthia H of New York is the winner of Week 4. Congrats!

For this destination, there’s no wrong answer if you’re on the right continent: you’re going overland!. With the rental car you could check out a couple of the most scenic drives in the area instead of getting lost in shabby towns. With your train pass in hand, you could end up with your own railway love story in pictures. Also, cyclists flock to this region for two-wheel tourism as well. For tips on how to stretch your currency, here are some budget travel tips for the region.

The prize is an Italy Rail Pass provide by WhyGo Italy in tandem with the BootsnAll Travel Network. This pass will get your around Italy with flexibility and ease on your next trip to Italy. If you are going from Rome to Venice, or Milan to Florence this pass with get you there.

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