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Congrats to Week 8 Winner Stephanie A of Durango, CO

Week 8 – Prize is Serengeti Eyewear sunglasses with Polar PHD lenses

This sunny city of actors, vegans, and self-destructive rock stars is spread-out and hard to navigate, but be sure to visit this meandering art complex on 86 acres. Thankfully there are plenty of free attractions here and if you follow this link you’ll find the best-rated hostels in the city.

This week’s finalist scores a pair of high-end sunglasses from Serengeti Eyewear! You’ll be looking good as you hit the road in your choice of frames with Polar PHD lenses. They’re polarized and photochromatic, so you’ll be ready for any lighting situation, on land or on water.

Choose from the Flex, Classics, Cosmopolitan, or Sport lines and get your perfect pair of glasses that will last for years – at a retail value of $159 or more. is the home of intrepid travel John DiScala, who flies more than 150,000 miles a year and provides comprehensive articles about everywhere he goes.
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