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For most travelers, the round the world trip is the grandpappy of all their travels. You put time and money into planning and going, and for a trip that’s so important to you, it is also worth it to pick up some travel insurance. For a relatively low cost, you ensure that your trip – from your travel plans to your baggage to your health – is protected should something happen. Hopefully it won’t, but if it does, it’s better to have travel insurance and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Here are some plans especially suited for the round the world traveler:

Atlas Travel Insurance »

  • One of our most popular plans
  • Available to citizens of any country
  • Low premiums & deductibles
  • Cover trips of any length for up to a year
  • Emergency evacuation & medical assistance
  • Baggage protection
  • 24-hour insurance and travel assistance services
  • Worldwide call numbers
  • Riders for sports and adventure activities

  • More International Travel Medical Insurance »

  • Single trips of 10-365 days in length
  • US and non-US citizens
  • Medical, emergency medical, evacuation
  • Travel assistance services
  • Major medical expenses
  • Some plans feature no deductibles
  • Choose from over 20 plans to find the best coverage for your trip

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