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Author: Sean Keener

Denpasar (Bali), Indonesia

Southeast Asia: Round-the-World Travel Destinations

Budget Scale: 1-5

1-least expensive; 5-most expensive
1– If you’re a budget traveler looking for a cheap yet beautiful beach destination, then you have found it. It’s not terribly difficult to live on as little as $15-20US/day in Bali. If you do have some extra funds, though, there are plenty of places to pamper yourself as well. Bali has super cheap, super expensive, and everything in between.

Indie Travel Scale: 1-5

1-not a good Indie Travel destination; 5-a great Indie Travel destination
3 – Getting around Bali on the cheap is extremely easy, and while it is the most touristy by far of Indonesia’s 17,000+ islands, there are plenty of ways to have an indie travel experience while visiting Bali.
Indie Travel Tips
It’s easy to get caught up in the beach, partying, and shopping lifestyle that many travelers to Bali devote their time to. But if you exert some effort, you will be rewarded with plenty of unique and interesting experiences. You can come home with more than just pictures of a beautiful beach, a sunburn, and an extra bag of crap that you bought.

  • Explore the many Hindu temples on offer in Bali. No two temples are the same, and with each village required to construct and maintain at least three temples, getting the opportunity to explore some off the beaten path locales is not too difficult.
  • While you can and should relax and explore the many beaches Bali has to offer, you should also see the interior of the island, which includes but is not limited to:
    • Rice Paddies
    • Volcanoes, both active and dormant
    • Hot springs
  • Eat local – don’t frequent western restaurants you can eat at while home. Eat from street vendors or locally owned restaurants for great, local fare at a fraction of the price.

Why you should add Bali to your RTW travel list

  • Bali’s beautiful beyond your imagination – you’ll just have to see it to believe it
  • Most popular place for visitors who know Indonesia
  • Soaring volcanoes, vivid green rice paddies, warm Indian ocean – one place
  • The Balinese are as warm as the climate itself
  • Rent a moped and feel like a local in the streets of Kuta
  • Grab a plate of Nasi Goreng and a beer, and head to the surf
  • Nightlife in Kuta will definitely turn your head
  • Warm sandy beaches, dark volcanic beaches; take your pick, it’s all here
  • Ever paid $5 for a room? Welcome to Bali
  • People just don’t have trouble making friends here
  • Take advantage of super cheap massages
  • Get certified to scuba dive or learn how to surf. There aren’t many cheaper, or more beautiful, places in the world to do it.

Why you should not add Bali to your RTW travel list

  • The touts can be some of the pushiest around.
  • As with any extremely poor nation, there is plenty of corruption, so don’t put yourself in a position you may have to bribe you way out of.
  • Because Bali is so touristy, all the negatives of western culture have been making their way here.

Are you heading to Bali? What do you need to do?

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