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San Jose, Costa Rica

Central America: Round-the-World Travel Destinations

Budget Scale: 1-5

1-least expensive; 5-most expensive
2– Like most of Central America, San Jose is relatively inexpensive compared to western standards, though Costa Rica is the most expensive country in the region.  Shoestring travelers can get around on $30-$35/day, but don’t expect much with that budget.

Indie Travel Scale: 1-5

1-not a good Indie Travel destination; 5-a great Indie Travel destination
2.6– San Jose is typically just a stopover for those heading out to explore the rest of the country. And while it may not be the best place to have a true indie travel experience, you can have a great time.
Indie Travel Tips
Take the following tips to heart if you want to experience indie travel in San Jose.

  • If you’re a market person, San Jose is a great place to go. Head to Mercado Central for a bustling food market.
  • If you’re looking to learn a new skill like speaking Spanish or getting better at yoga, San Jose has plenty of opportunity for both.
  • Check out the jugglers every Thursday at Parque Morazan for a very cool (and free) show.
  • There are plenty of walking tours sold by tour companies in San Jose. Check out the options and itineraries and plan your own, independent walking tour of the city.

Why you should add San Jose to your RTW travel list

  • Central location to explore the rest of the country
  • Check out the very active, very stereotypical Volcan Arenal. Just don’t climb it.
  • Swim or relax on Caribbean or Pacific beaches
  • Grab your board for some of Central America’s best surfing
  • Photograph the scarlet macaws in Parque Nacional Corcovado

Why you should not add to your RTW travel list

  • There are some dangerous areas in San Jose, so keep your wits about you.
  • Compared to the beauty of the rest of the country, San Jose can be pretty underwhelming.
  • The divide between wealth and poverty in the city can be pretty disturbing and sad.

Are you heading to San Jose, Costa Rica? What do you need to do?

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